Batgirl of Burnside Sketch

Batgirl and the Legacy of The Killing Joke

Welcome friends, I know it’s been a while, but I’m back to discuss Batman: The Killing Joke. You know, the “seminal” Batman story in which


The Joker paralyzes Barbara Gordon by shooting her, and then takes pictures of her naked, brutalized body to taunt her dad, Commissioner James Gordon, whom The Joker was also torturing. The Joker did this to prove that all it takes is “One Bad Day” to drive an average citizen insane. Yep, that’s right, the Batgirl character was fridged just to further her father’s storyline and make a villain “more complex.” keep reading


Depression is a Motherfucker

As many of you know (since I’ve chosen to share about this in the past), I deal with some moderate to severe depression, to the point of being on meds and seeing a therapist weekly. I’d like to say I’m only suicidal at the worst of times, but unfortunately it’s not singular thoughts or moments, so much as it feels like I have a chatty passenger on a road trip; only instead of normal conversation, it’s a voice telling me to end myself in whatever way seems most convenient at the time. Kinda constantly.  keep reading


We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Civil War Coverage To Bring You…LEGO BATMAN ’66!

LEGO Batman 66 box

Sooooooooooo, I need to take a quick moment away from Civil War coverage, to tell you all about this announcement from LEGO yesterday. Three words: LEGO. BATMAN. ’66! After teasing us with a few levels in Lego Batman 3, LEGO and DC have figured out the requisite contracts and have set a release date sometime March 2016.

LEGO Batman 66 - errything

At first I thought this would be a few different sets, but as you can see in the images above, it’s going to be one absolutely MASSIVE set, letting you build Wayne Manor, including the red Batphone and Shakespeare bust, the Batpoles, key parts of the Batcave like the nuclear pile and various and sundry computers, the Batmobile, the Batcopter, even the Batcycle! And if that’s not enough for you, it will come with minifigures of Bruce and Dick (both in and out of costume), Alfred (yep, the butler gets his own figure!), the Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler, and, of course, Cesar Romero mustache-accurate Joker. Phew. that’s a lot of things to list. keep reading

Yet another Illuminatti push

The Road to Civil War 02 – The Amazing Spider-Man 530

Important Note #1: Before I do anything else, I want to point out a slight change to the reading order for this project. When I started this project, I was using the “date released” order that’s in the Marvel Unlimited iPad app. Recently, however, I discovered that Marvel.com has a suggested read order that flows a bit better. I’ll be using that from here on out. To make things easier, I’m going to go back and and number the posts to reflect this. That’ll leave us a small gap temporarily, but it’ll make sense soon. keep reading

Sue Is Not Playin' Around, Reed

The Road to Civil War 04: Fantastic Four 536

(In case you missed it elsewhere, I’m running a GoFundMe campaign to read and review ever issue of Marvel Comic’s Civil War crossover event prior to Captain America 3: Civil War hitting theaters the beginning of May. If you like what you read here and want more, or just feel bad I have to read this much JMS and/or Mark Millar, throw me a few bucks, will ya?)

Cover of Fantastic Four 536
Cover of Fantastic Four 536

Ahhhh J. Michael Straczynski, my old nemesis, we meet again. There was a time in Marvel Comics’ history that involved him writing everything Mark Millar wasn’t, apparently. Both of these guys will feature heavily in the coming months. Anyway, welcome back to day 2 on The Road to Civil War. Our next stop on the The Road to Civil War is Fantastic Four 536. This cover does it’s job, because I was sucked in as soon as I saw a certain someone’s Doomy metal hand gripping Thor’s hammer. (Remember, this is long before **spoilers** Thor’s arm got torn off and he started rockin’ a metal appendage of his own.) keep reading


The Road to Civil War 01: The Amazing Spider-Man 529

(In case you missed it elsewhere, I’m running a GoFundMe campaign to read and review ever issue of Marvel Comic’s Civil War crossover event prior to Captain America 3: Civil War hitting Theaters the beginning of May. This is the first of many reviews to come.)

So, here we are. I’ve committed to reading and reviewing every issue of Civil War over the coming months. Before we get to Civil War proper, we have to travel The Road To Civil War, and boy, the Comics Gods can be fickle and unkind.

I had sorta blanked out the fact that J. Michael Straczynski was the guy guiding Spider-Man through most of the 2000’s, and then BAM, I open up the first comic on my list, The Amazing Spider-Man 529, and JMS hits me in the face like a brick. keep reading

Chris Novus Selfie

Who the Fuck is Chris Novus?

Greetings and salutations, internets. Chris Novus here. Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering who the fuck that is, and what happened to grumpyhawk, and I’m here to explain just that. To do so, we need to go back almost 8 years. I was working my first digital marketing job, and having recently joined Twitter, would occasionally vent (shocking, I know) about work stuff. While never using any identifying information or anything like that, you could put the pieces together if you were paying attention. keep reading


The Life and Times of Our Fluffy Friend – RIP Flip Flop

Our first year of marriage was a bit…different than most. Instead of the typical learning how to live with another person and small arguments about toothpaste tubes and how to put up a new roll of toilet paper (over. the answer is always over), we had to deal with my having life changing back surgery 3 months into the marriage.

Andrea went through it all like a champ; she always has. As someone with multiple chronic health issues, It’s one of the many things I love about her. Rather than letting me just wallow in my pain and suffering, she helped me get through the healing process, taking care of me along the way and kicking my ass when I needed it. keep reading

[UPDATED] What the “Startups of Silicon Valley” Game Gets Wrong

UPDATE: after some more thought, and some rad editing and insight from my workwife Jetta, I’ve expanded and updated the piece. 

A photo posted by Chelsea Rustrum (@chelzcers) on

If ever you’re unsure of how startup founders feel about their employees, look no further than this version of Settlers of Catan Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) commissioned this year, called The Startups of Silicon Valley. Hoffman has previously sung the praises of Catan as being popular with the “technorati” because it “closely approximates entrepreneurial strategy.” It should be noted that many of those words, whether strung together or examined individually, are just buzzwords, used to invoke the appearance of intelligence and superiority. It could be that the aspect of Catan Hoffman embodies most is his ability to speak a completely foreign language while living among the rest of us. keep reading


Fuck You, Pain

I’ve decided to bring over some of my older posts from both my old site and the YNIS site. This is one of those.

So, those of you that follow me here or on Twitter know I’ve been going through some stuff. Short version: I’ve dealt with some significant back pain for the last 8 years. I had surgery to remove part of a bulging disc in 2006, and the pain got better. Not gone, but better. I still had days that were rough, but was functional again.

Fast forward to fall 2010. The pain started getting pretty bad again. It got to the point that I basically lived on an air mattress in our tiny apartment’s living room. After working with a pain management specialist and trying just about everything, it was determined that I needed another surgery, a fusion at L4-L5. keep reading